Founding Startup Societies:
A Step by Step Guide

Don't argue. Build.

Let the experts show you how.

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Have you ever marveled at how small geographic areas like Shenzhen, Dubai or Singapore thrive? They all began as Startup Societies, pioneering innovative governance in their own way. Now you can go behind the scenes with the official Guidebook from the Startup Societies Foundation. Experience the rich history of Startup Societies and learn step-by-step how to build your own.

The Authors of this Guidebook wanted to radically lower barriers for launching Startup Society ventures. This exhaustive manual — the first of its kind — explains twenty key steps for creating a Startup Society, covering everything from ideation to planning to running a full-scale city.

In Founding Startup Societies, you'll learn:

  • Unique best practices for creating Startup Societies
  • How to create your own consortiums
  • How to design and launch competitions
  • Ways to share mutually beneficial upsides with local communities
  • How applying concepts like "leading with a gift" facilitate cooperation
  • The process of scaling from small locations to larger ones

The knowledge found in this Guidebook is supported by fifty years of research, as well as practical field work spanning over fifty countries. Founding Startup Societies makes an excellent starting point for entrepreneurs who wish to harness the power of policy making to rejuvenate rural and urban neighborhoods around the world... or create new ones themselves.

Carefully written for even lay audiences, this Guidebook is for anyone with a Startup Society idea and the drive to achieve it. After your first read-through, you won't argue. You'll build.

Order Now From Amazon

Don't argue. Build.

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